# socialised computing ##  to move forward, free computing needs socialism human culture is undergoing the birth pangs of a new stage of evolution. the "old guard" will not go quietly, and the do-nothingism of the fake left is a recipe for failure. do-nothingism is as foolish as dismissing a wildfire because "it will burn out on its own eventually". there is plenty of work to be done. the mistake and opportunism of the fake left (most of the so-called left today are really left opportunists) is to hijack for personal gain the most important causes we fight for today, no differently than capitalism itself exploits workers. the only solution to fake leftism (other than restating what a real left stands for) is to represent the workers and society at large, explain how to move forward, and wait until the workers grow tired of being exploited. but this is far more than doing nothing, it is more like paving the roads so that society can be built around them. that society will be built by the workers-- for the workers. freedom cannot be imposed through bureaucracy. until workers are ready to stand for their rights, no one is fit to lead them. in that sense we can only advise, because any movement that truly represents them must gain their voluntary cooperation. they have moved towards this direction time and time again, but they have found interference from the old guard in abundance. free software was one of many revolutions that made great progress we can learn from. although by definition, free software does not require left or right politics, to avoid becoming "half a revolution" followed by failure free software must give way to socialised computing. as is, free software is in no position to fight for anything. it has moved forward as far as it can go with political neutrality, it has gained everything through an appeal to a mix of socialist and libertarian values. every libertarian value present originally in the free software movement, is a value found under the umbrella of socialised computing, save one: capitalism has ruthlessly and predictably and consistently attacked free software, and a renewed quest for freedom has no real use for it. corporate involvement in free software, as in the rest of society, has done more harm than good. it will only get worse from here. while the fsf (now under occupation by its enemies) fails to learn from this mistake, socialised computing moves on to give every user control of their software-- and more. => it-matters-what-capitalism-is-replaced-with.html it-matters-what-capitalism-is-replaced-with => socialised-computing-timeline.html socialised-computing-timeline => youth-are-the-future-but-beware-of-inexperience.html youth-are-the-future-but-beware-of-inexperience => loyalty-oaths-mark-the-passing-of-the-fsf.html loyalty-oaths-mark-the-passing-of-the-fsf => introducing-the-more-libre-software-database.html introducing-the-more-libre-software-database => why-has-the-left-failed-in-so-many-things.html why-has-the-left-failed-in-so-many-things => what-is-ewwfs.html what-is-ewwfs => does-socialised-computing-have-any-leaders.html does-socialised-computing-have-any-leaders => https://socialisedcomputing.neocities.org/what-about-stallman.html what-about-stallman ### • license: creative commons cc0 1.0 (public domain) => http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/ => https://socialisedcomputing.neocities.org/